Sue Webb - Professional Coach, Leadership Consultant and Trainer

School leaders and teachers are doing an incredible job.

They work in increasingly complex and challenging circumstances. 

They deserve to be appreciated and they need the right kind of support! 

Mrs S Webb Sept 12 for websiteSue knows first hand what a tough world it is out there; she also knows how to make it better for children, families and staff in schools.

Sue's focus is very much on creating the healthy, positive, high functioning environments where people grow and flourish.

Using a values-centric approach, Sue provides support and non-judgmental challenge in helping her clients to be their best selves and achieve their goals. 


 Lotus Education - provides bespoke and excellent services in: 

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24   Leadership Development - professional coaching and/or mentoring for                                   headteachers and senior leaders

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24   Expertise and Consultancy in: 'Values-based Education'; Leading an                                       Outstanding School; 'Quality First' Teaching & Learning; SMSC and British                           Values

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24   Creating transformational change through embedding a Values-based                                   curriculum and culture to improve behaviour, well-being and attainment

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24   Bespoke Development Programmes - for NQTs, middle and senior leaders

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24   Values/British Values/SMSC Whole School Training - INSET days or twilights

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24   Coaching Pupils for Improved Mental Health, Wellbeing and Resilience  

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24     Emotion Coaching - training for Support Staff and Lunchtime Staff for Effective                       Behaviour Management

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24   Support for Governors - Headteacher Performance Management Reviews



Lotus Educationcropped

Why Lotus Education? 

The lotus blooms into a beautiful flower after growing through the muddy pond water.                      

Sue's passion in life is to help children, young people and educators to grow through the 'muddy water' of their lives and to bloom!